This is a far more effective way of accomplishing tasks than simply hiring employees to fill space. When you hire a new employee you spend time and money training him or her to fit in with your program. Even when you hire an employee from a temp agency, you still have to explain to the candidate what to do and why. This is why RPO is different. Recruiters have 3-20 years of experience. They are efficient in practices of the industry they are hired in. They are skilled workers with specific experience in problem solving, and according to a variety of niches.

In the coming years, expect RPO to grow in popularity among companies that are trying to minimize their expenses. Companies cannot afford to be wasteful, and hiring full-time employees based only on a resume can be seen as a great risk. A more convenient plan would be to hire a temporary consultant-level employee. This would allow you to manage your short term needs and still keep an option open for permanent placement if needed. This gives you the employer a chance to observe the new worker and see if there is an appropriate match.

In the end, surviving a financial crisis is not about maintaining close relationships with employees. It is about having good business sense and carefully managing your company’s funds. Never invest in something that you can’t afford. Long-term employees may not be affordable under your current business model. However, you may find that paying for the completion of a project is very cost-efficient. Outsourcing, and especially RPO, are two business models that will continue to define the new age of office efficiency. Check with an RPO firm to find out if you can save money!

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