The Three Traits of Exceptional Recruiters

Recruiters are the backbone of every industry. You’d think that as recruitment consultant ourselves, finding good consultant for our own business would be easy right? Well. It’s one of the main challenges we find year after year and not only for us but for every recruitment company.Recruitment consultant need a skillset to perform every task exceptionally well. A bad hire can be costly, but hiring a bad recruiter can be fatal which leads to significant losses in money, productivity, client engagement and more. Recruiting is a difficult occupation but also rewarding and pleasurable. The role of a recruiter involves a huge amount of responsibility involved to find good CV’s till the placing a candidate.

So here are three traits for the exceptional recruiters:

  • Building Long Term Relationship-

     A recruiter works within the “people business” and deals with a spread of various people on a day to day business. The recruiter has got to be an honest connect, who likes to meet new people and knows the way to use every opportunity of networking and to show it into business results. Having great relationship building skills with all people involved within the process is therefore crucial. It will allow you to create trust and attract clients also as jobseekers more easily. Once you gained their trust and then they notice that you simply work professionally, effectively and reliably, they’re going to come again and again without looking any longer. It will also prevent time because you’ll specialize in your existing clients instead of having to chase constantly new ones. Also don’t underestimate the great relationship you’ve got built together with your  If they’re proud of the work you were ready to find for them, they’re going to recommend you to their friends and family too, should they ever need a job in the future.

  • Knowledge of different sectors-

     Knowing an industry makes an enormous difference in recruiting — it helps you to discover top talent, and match those workers up with the proper  After all, one among the best compliments a recruiter can get from a candidate is that they’re impressed with the extent of understanding of what they are doing. This complement means the talent will respect you for all times and should even find yourself being an excellent ongoing pipeline for future referrals. Each industry has its own values, rules terms and specialties which is why knowledge of each and every sector or positions become so important for each recruiter to immerse and educate herself within the industry he/she is recruiting for.

  • Good at Multi-Tasking- 

    Recruiters will often be performing on variety of jobs at same time, from a series of various clients, in order that they got to be ready to juggle the various projects alongside one another. Sometimes certain roles may have to be prioritized thanks to a better level of urgency to fill the position. In order that they must even be good at managing their time effectively. Companies and jobseekers don’t just believe one source for filling their positions or finding employment but multiple sources. Who acts quickly will therefore win within the  The worst which will happen is that within the eleventh hour a corporation might tell you that they already found a candidate or the candidate already found employment in another organization. Thus, it’s not size that these days matters but speed.

What else do we think makes a Great Recruiter?

At TalentiQO, we’ve a group of values that’s integral to our business i.e knowledge, learning, collaboration, process, relationship, fun and ethical practice.

We wish to see similar values within the people that are available to interview, because we strongly believe these are core principles allow the event of skills that contribute to the success of an exceptional recruiter. It takes time and energy to realize a deep understanding of your specialism. The difference between a recruiter and an exceptional recruiter can ultimately change a person’s career and life at TalentiQO. We attempt to be exceptional for both, our clients and for candidates.


How to choose a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Provider?

So you are a talent acquisition company and after sitting on the fence for a great while between having an internal recruitment department and hiring an outsourced recruitment services agency you have landed on the decision to hire an Outsourced recruitment services agency. First of all I would like to congratulate you, for I know you read dozens of articles and compared a lot of aspects between the two before calling the shots. Having said that, I would also like to inform you that the fight is far from over, because now you have to decide which Recruitment process Outsourcing (RPO) provider you are going to choose. Now before you get all worked up with the thought of reading dozens of articles again, I want you to know that you are already at the right place because here I am going to discuss each and every thing you need to know in order to choose the best Recruitment process outsourcing provider. I am not going beat about the bush and tell you the exact questions that you should be asking.

How much experience does the RPO provider have?

It is wisely said that practice makes a man perfect and an experienced man who has done a lot of practice is closer to perfection, the same applies to RPO providers. Even when you are hiring employees, you are looking for experience, then why you shouldn’t in case of hiring RPO provider. It is very important that you select an RPO provider which has given a number of successful companies their desired workforce.

What Quality of job hunters is the RPO provider have in its database?

As a talent acquisition company, you have to maintain a quality of the talent in your workforce and only an RPO provider which has high quality job hunters in its database can help you maintain that quality. It is important that quality is consistent and the RPO provider has some measures to maintain the same. Remember “Quality is your USP”

Can the RPO provider supply as per your demand?

Flexibility is the key when it comes to choosing an RPO provider, after all you are going to need job hunters with different skill sets for different jobs offered. The RPO provider should give the talent acquisition companies a freedom in demanding candidates and the companies should choose an RPO provider which has a variety of job hunters in their database and can supply as per the requirement of the Firm. For this the track record of the RPO provider can come in handy, you just have to check if the past companies that have worked with the RPO provider are happy or with its services or not.

What is the reputation of the RPO provider in the market?

This is somehow related to the precious question because only a happy client can recommend the RPO provider and the more happy clients you have the better is your reputation in the market. It takes a lot to build a reputation and it should be respected. Any firm which is dedicated towards its work has a good reputation and can be fully trusted. Reputation of the RPO provider is the indicator of its work and it is better to choose an RPO provider that has gained good reputation in the market by giving some good firms a great workforce.

Does the RPO provider provides you what you need, when you need?

It’s not just important to get the desired employees but also to get them on time. No firm can afford to keep their vacant spots unfilled because it directly affects the productivity. Therefore only an RPO provider which can fill your jobs offered with desired job hunters on time should be on your list.

To summarise this I want you to ask all these questions before you go ahead and make a decision. Now before you think that I am leaving you high and dry without providing you a solution let me tell you that I have asked these questions myself and as result I found one firm that has impressed me in almost all the aspects is Talentiqo. It is firm that is an experienced RPO provider, which gives you the desired workforce by filling your jobs offered with the quality job hunters, they have a good reputation as a recruiter. So if you are a talent acquisition company, Talentiqo can be a pretty good choice for you. Having said that, I want you to go ahead and weigh its pros and cons on your own, study other RPO providers as well and make a well informed decision. All the best!!!