Social media Marketing

Looking to get your business in front of more customers, promote your brand, and increase your website traffic? You should use social media every day!

Do you know what social media marketing can do for you?

Using social media marketing helps you grow to a broad audience on a variety of social media platforms and increase brand awareness, as well as followers on social networks to increase your network of relevant followers. You will get followers that are representative of your typical customers based on their demographics, interests, and behavior.

Relationship building (engagement)

The more engagement you have with your audience, the more likely they are to purchase from you. Increasing engagement with your social media posts (likes, comments, etc.) is our specialty. You are more likely to connect with your audience if you have more engagement.

Traffic and conversions increase

Traffic and conversions increase by increasing website exposure

Leads and sales will be directly affected by increasing website traffic. Due to the high volume of traffic generated by our social media advertising campaigns, this service works best in conjunction with them. Retargeting social ads can be added to increase conversions by staying in front of recent website visitors.

Enhance your brand's credibility

Enhance your brand's credibility

You can increase your credibility as a brand just by having social media accounts. The same effect is achieved by not having a social media account, or having one that is not regularly updated and optimized. Your potential customers will not be able to trust you, and it may even make them wonder if your business even exists. As a result, today’s buyers often check out your social media as part of their research process. You can accomplish more than just having a social media account by using a social media marketing agency like Talentiqo; you can accomplish more than what is required to establish credibility. Creating a social media account is the first step towards increasing your credibility, but imagine what a powerful, strategic social media marketing campaign could do to establish your credibility and online presence.

Target your audience

Target your audience

On average, people have eight or more social media accounts on social media, and there are billions of people that use social media. Your goal is to build a follower base of potential customers, not just anyone, so how do you accomplish this? You need to be able to bend through the sea of online users to find your target audience. Choosing the right social media platform is the first step. There are different social media platforms that attract different groups of people, so people use those platforms differently. The first step is to determine what the ideal customer looks like, and then you can decide which social media platform will be most beneficial to you based on their qualities. In which of your target markets do you find the majority of your audience? You can then use further targeting options provided by each outlet once you determine which social media platforms you want to use. The user base of a platform can be filtered by demographics, interests, behaviors, and many other factors. In this way, you can make sure that the right audience is served your social media content.

Customers can contact you directly

Customers can contact you directly

Social media is a constant source of engagement and conversation. Social media allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers, which has proven to be very powerful for businesses. Someone who buys a dress from your store may take a picture and tag your brand on Instagram after wearing it. By reacting or liking that tag, you create a positive interaction between the customer and the brand, demonstrating your clients’ love of your brand and encouraging brand loyalty.

SEO rankings can be helped by social media

SEO rankings can be helped by social media

A search engine optimization strategy is designed to rank your website higher on search engines such as Google. How does it accomplish this? When deciding which website to rank first, Google looks at hundreds of ranking factors, such as social media. Google places more importance on websites with a high number of backlinks from social media from people sharing your content and talking about your business. How do backlinks work? Google values backlinks very highly, as they are links that point to your website from another website. By utilizing social media in your marketing plan, you can reap the many benefits we’re highlighting here while helping your efforts simultaneously.

A higher return on investment

A higher return on investment

Developing a strategic social media marketing plan and targeting the correct people from the beginning are the keys to building an effective online presence. That’s why talentiqo can help you with social media marketing since you don’t want your efforts to be wasted. While focusing on the followers and engagement, we keep ROI in mind as our ultimate goal.

A list of our services

Calendar organization for social media

Boost management after promotion

Management of communities

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Platforms popular on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Strategy for the champagne launch

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