Permanent IT Staffing

Having an advanced talent in your organization to work for highly qualified and experienced Workforce teams can bring unexpected and long-lasting success to your business. Your specific need for recruitment on a tight time schedule towards the digital era has become extremely important for a permanent position. Our expertise helps us to approach the right candidates and onboard them for a long-lasting association. We offer easy and quick access to the talented individuals that our clients need through our huge talent pool. We encourage our associates to stay updated with the latest market trends and technology, so the job gets done effectively. Working from an offshore site, our team of high-end recruiters is able to collaborate with the existing recruitment team of your organization –serving as an effective extension of the existing recruitment department of your organization.Through our specialized Permanent Staffing services, we aim at bringing all the major benefits of top-class, comprehensive project-based recruitment outsourcing solutions to the Permanent hiring initiatives by your organization including cutting-edge technology, consistency, and scalability. A permanent recruitment solution helps in unbundling the different aspects related to a full-service solution such that you are able to access different elements that you require for your business including screening, recruiting, sourcing, interviewing, and so more.

Benefits of Permanent IT Staffing Solutions


As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the entire gamut of services:

1) Screening resumes.

2) Conducting technical and aptitude tests, in-depth interviews.

3)Verifying references.

4) Negotiating salaries.

5) We enable companies to focus on business goals without the distraction of the staffing process.

Permanent IT Staffing